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Irish technology company BoatyardX delivers a compelling case for moving to the cloud to ensure the viability of your operations for the future.

As a growing start up, it’s important not to lose sight of the security and controls required on the IT systems that underpin the business. See how a recent Pen Test has resulted in significant cost savings at BoatyardX.

Happy International Women's Day! We celebrate today our incredible female talent across the globe and all their many achievements.

A BoatyardX team is excited to be getting ready to start working with Autumn, a Standard Chartered Bank Venture company, based in Singapore. Kick-offs are taking place to quickly build a close bond between the two teams.

Pushing a new product live and then helping to demonstrate to early beta customers is a fantastic experience for a software development team.

Thinking about how your business model can change as a result of digitisation is key. Photograph- Getty Images

BoatyardX’s approach to the cloud uses scalable, flexible Kubernetes technology. For businesses undergoing digital transforming, it is the wisest strategy.

digital innovation in the cloud

Covid-19 represents both a driver and an opportunity for businesses to use digital innovation and build new products and applications more rapidly.