Discover the best path forward for your product

In our free two-hour collaborative, interactive DiscoverX workshop BoatyardX technology and design experts will work with you to identify the right plan for your product development journey.

Real value in real time

Gain deeper insight into your product concept

Explore your product concept in more detail with our proven, structured Discovery methodology.

Decrease your risk

Identify the high-risk areas in your product concept. Experience working with the BoatyardX team before making a commitment. 

Tangible next steps

Walk away with a clear understanding of our Discovery process and if it’s the right step for you to take.


Gain fresh insight into your product concept while you get a taste of the BoatyardX Discovery Framework

DiscoverX is a light version of the work we do in our BoatyardX Discovery projects which help clients rapidly gain the confidence needed to support a build, pivot or kill decision.

Our Discovery Framework plays a vital role in supporting clients move to build with a defined scope, estimate, delivery plan and a clear understanding of the risks.

Read more about our Discovery Framework

Collaborative & Interactive

A two-hour workshop which lets you experience working with the team and understand our methodology.

We will take you through a series of structured yet collaborative exercises to explore your concept and identify tangible next steps.

People-centred design

People use products, and we take a people-centred design approach so the end user is at the heart of our decision-making throughout the process. This structured design thinking approach to problem-solving will lead you to that ‘aha moment’.

Multidisciplinary Team

Diverse viewpoints are always important in product development and our multidisciplinary team, which includes product designers, solution architects and business analysts, will work closely with you to reach a shared product vision.

“As part of our product development, we engaged early with Susan and the team at BoatyardX. We participated in an intensive workshop and found the BoatyardX team to be thoroughly professional but more importantly for us genuinely interested and engaged with the problem we’re aiming to solve. The insights and outputs achieved together were extremely valuable to our strategic path forward and I believe could not have been achieved alone.

R. Kennedy, Director

Interested in finding out more?

If you have a new concept or existing product and are considering taking the next steps, we would love to discuss if a BoatyardX Discovery project can help you achieve your product vision. Reach out at

Other BoatyardX Services


  • Discovery Services – product architecture and user experience design
  • Full-stack development
  • UI/UX design services
  • Reference Cloud Architecture deployment
  • Lifecycle management – business & technology strategy support
  • DevOps and IT support services



Our Technologies

  • Architecture: BoatyardX reference architecture
  • Frontend: Native JavaScript, Vue.js, WebPack
  • Backend: Java, SpringBoot, Maven, Docker
  • DevOps: AWS, Kubernetes
  • CI/CD: Jenkins, SonarQube, Gitlab
  • AQA: Selenium
  • UI/UX design: Figma, Miro
  • NoCode / LowCode