Impact FinTech Company is partnering with BoatyardX

BoatyardX is excited to announce their partnership with an Impact FinTech company working with NGOs to ensure the hardest-to-reach communities have access to basic goods and services, bringing together humanitarian, financial and technology sectors to create a secure, safe and reliable solution to the delivery of aid. 

The FinTech company has partnered with BoatyardX to build and expand their products portfolio aimed to help NGOs to ensure the hardest to reach communities have access to basic goods and services. The main product, developed in partnership with BoatyardX, utilises QR keys and biometric technologies to provide households with straightforward, safe and flexible allowance to spend on a wide selection of goods with local suppliers. Real-time reporting features uncovered valuable insights into consumption habits. Using this technology, 200 tonnes of food reached 10,000+ people across several African countries in 2022.

A cross functional BoatyardX team is working at all levels and across the entire product lifecycle to deliver top quality products supporting the overall business goals.

By working with end users and customers for gathering feedback and industry insights, working with internal and external stakeholders to create a shared understanding of the business goals and translating all that into top tier technology products, BoatyardX is the perfect technology partner, fully committed to the success of our clients.