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At a recent Microsoft event speakers and attendees struggled to best describe the significance of AI and its potential impact on enterprise.

More organisations are starting to realise that the cloud is a great enabler for innovation, not just a more efficient way of running IT applications and services.

Delighted to have Doug Anderson join the team at BoatyardX!

Skill gaps, high employee turnover and fierce competition for limited talent have only added to the pressure that businesses are facing from inflation. Though it may seem counter intuitive, it’s actually a good time to modernise or even replace applications, because they could be compounding your skills challenges.

Meta has called 2023 ‘a year of efficiency’ and they are far from alone in the corporate world. Many businesses are knuckling down, shedding staff and focussing on the old adage of ‘doing more with less’. Belt tightening is a business initiative again, like the bad old days of 2008.

BoatyardX is proud to celebrate its 4-year anniversary, marking another successful year in business.

BoatyardX celebrates IWD 2023 by recognizing and supporting women's achievements within their organization.

Factors to consider when deciding whether or not to automate your QA.

At close to 4 years old BoatyardX has, for most of its short life, been a remote-first organisation.