Life at BoatyardX: Embracing DevOps as a Software Developer

With over four years of experience as a .NET developer under my belt, I felt it was time to explore new career opportunities. That’s when I turned to LinkedIn, and it was there that I came across BoatyardX—a thrilling new phase in my professional path. During my search, I observed a noteworthy trend among the job listings for back-end software engineers. In addition to the traditional requirements, there is now a growing demand for DevOps expertise, specifically in technologies like Docker and Kubernetes.

Throughout my tenure at my previous company, I unfortunately didn’t have the opportunity to delve into the creation of Docker images or the development of a CI/CD pipeline from scratch. However, I have come to realize the importance of these skills for a developer. They serve as puzzle pieces that, once acquired, allow me to enhance my overall engineering capabilities and remain at the forefront of the industry.

According to ChatGPT, DevOps is a collaborative approach that merges development (Dev) and operations (Ops) functions. It focuses on breaking down team barriers and automating processes to achieve faster and more reliable software delivery. Key technologies like Docker and Kubernetes play a vital role in this process. DevOps empowers organizations to cultivate a culture of continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment (CI/CD), resulting in improved scalability and collaboration.

In today’s software engineering landscape, developers have taken on a broader range of responsibilities. Alongside building applications, they now handle tasks such as repository maintenance, continuous integration setup, build pipeline configuration, and application deployment. The emergence of cross-functional teams and microservice architecture has further fuelled the demand for DevOps skills. This demand arises from a scarcity of proficient individuals in the industry. As organizations increasingly adopt cloud-based services, they rely on knowledgeable professionals to oversee these operations effectively.

By familiarizing yourself with DevOps as a developer, you not only meet industry requirements but also develop a holistic view of a software system. This broader perspective enables you to identify better technical solutions, effectively debug production issues, and adopt an improved approach to development. Embracing DevOps empowers you to enhance your problem-solving skills and make informed decisions that contribute to the overall success of software projects.

Realizing the value of DevOps knowledge, I got intrigued and decided to take LinkedIn courses on Docker and Kubernetes. In a recent BoatyardX Discovery project, I was part of a multidisciplinary team where my understanding of DevOps proved valuable in assessing the clients’ technology risks. I proposed a solution to enhance their existing application by containerizing it using Docker. This approach brought benefits such as improved portability, simplified setup, and reduced user overhead. During my learning journey, I discovered the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) certification and felt compelled to pursue it. What I appreciate about pursuing a certification is embracing the learning process itself, rather than solely chasing the certificate. Currently, I’m dedicated to studying and preparing for the CKAD certification, eager to enhance my expertise in these technologies.

In conclusion, embracing DevOps as a developer opens up new possibilities for career growth and staying relevant in the ever-evolving software industry. By combining development and operations, breaking down barriers, and adopting continuous integration and deployment practices, you can contribute to faster and more reliable software delivery. The demand for DevOps skills continues to rise, making it a valuable asset for professionals seeking to make a meaningful impact in their roles. So, whether it’s through learning new technologies, pursuing certifications, or embracing the learning process, investing in DevOps is a worthwhile endeavour that can propel your career forward.

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