Technology Landscape Review

Customer Success Story


BoatyardX partnered with Broadlake, a private equity portfolio committed to delivering positive and sustainable growth with impactful businesses. Their goal was to better understand the technology ecosystem across Broadlakes’s diverse portfolio and pinpoint opportunities for greater consolidation and efficiency. 



Private Equity Portfolio



Key Challenges

  • Given the diversity of Broadlake’s company portfolio a key consideration was how to best technology could enable and enhance the ongoing success of their companies while streamlining their technology landscape. 
  • A comprehensive understanding of the technology landscape across the companies, TTM Healthcare, Resilience, ROTA and Odyssey Social Care, was essential to shape their future technology strategy in support of their vision.


  • Conducted a capability-led review of each company from a product and technical standpoint.
  • Combining the inputs from each company we aAssessed the existing IT environment and explored the potential of proven IT concepts, new use cases, and emerging technologies.
  • Identified high-value opportunities both at an individual company level and also areas where a shared approach would be beneficial.

Business Benefits

  • Highlighted the potential for growth opportunities that offer immediate, medium, and long-term benefits, supporting business transformation and technology initiatives. 
  • Emphasised the benefits of shared goals and user-centric technology solutions for enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction. 
  • Prioritised recommendations which reduce friction within existing systems and delivery of new technology solutions to maximise customer-facing staff’s time. 

Discovery Project Overview

Over the course of a collaborative 6-week engagement, we delivered a comprehensive report with review results and critical technology recommendations. The review covered the following areas:  
  • Existing IT – current IT environment and usage (Hygiene Tech 
  • Adjacent IT – proven IT concepts, technologies, and use cases from industry to support improvement (Offensive Tech) 
  • New IT – emerging technology perspectives and potential use cases across the business (Pulse Tech)

The Outcome

BoatyardX supported Broadlake in a cross-company system assessment, identifying transformation and technology opportunities across short, medium, and long-term horizons. These opportunities spanned tactical, operational, and strategic domains, ensuring a sustainable yet achievable roadmap.

Our structured approach facilitated collaboration with a broad set of technology and business stakeholders, managing diverse perspectives, and focusing on key actions needed for value creation and sustainable growth. 

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