Network Referral Partner

Welcome to an exclusive program focused on executive relationships. We value your expertise and wish to partner with you to meet like-minded digital leaders!
Make Introductions to your Network,
Earn Monthly Commission

Our Network Referral Partners earn recurring monthly commission by simply making introductions. We guarantee a $10,000 minimum commission payable to you for any introduction resulting in a paid engagement (of any size).

Introductions should be focused on leaders who look after digital initiatives including custom app development and cloud transformations. While the timing may not be perfect, we welcome an initial discussion to contacts who are driving these digital initiatives!

How we help our clients

Digital Product Development

Our cross-functional teams partner with you to reimagine or create digital products from scratch to production.

App Modernization

We take an outcome-based approach to modernizing your legacy apps to realize the value of the cloud.

Platform Engineering & Support

We partner with you on your DevOps journey – optimizing your engineering teams and instilling automation best practices. Our teams can also support your app in production so you can keep focus on what’s next!

We live and breath in the cloud

How the Network Referral partner program works

1. Contact

Meet with a member of our leadership team to learn more about the program and discuss any questions.

2. Refer

Introduce the contacts in your network you feel are appropriate. We treat your contacts with the highest level of respect and professionalism. No spam, no pushy sales tactics, instead we offer a simple intro call to see if there’s a fit. 

3. Earn

Any referrals you provide that lead to a paid engagement will result in commissions paid to you for the first year. Our commission rate is 5% of all revenue for the account for the first year


  1. Is there a minimum number of referrals?

  2. How will I get paid?
    Commissions are paid monthly upon receipt of payment from the client. We will use your payment method of choice.

  3. What are BoatyardX areas of expertise? 

    We use a nearshore model to deliver and focus on the following areas;

    Custom App Dev / Digital Product Development

    App Modernization

    Platform Services (DevOps)

  4. What if I’m not sure if the contact is right for BoatyardX? 

    We keep our process simple & easy for everyone involved. If during our introduction either party (BoatyardX or your contact) determines there’s no fit – we simply disengage. No pushy sales tactics or marketing spam. It’s really that simple.

How do I learn more?

Contact us at and we will setup a call to discuss the referral program and address any questions before you get started.