Celebrating International Women's Day 2022

IWD must be more than a day! 

LinkedIn was dominated on International Women’s Day with celebratory stories of women in the workplace, combined with ongoing challenges and the need for continued focus on improving their status 

As a young company (3 last week!), BoatyardX marked the day by bringing together our 30 female staff members to share insights with a focus on breaking long-standing biases. Discussion pivoted to the tragedy that is Ukraine and the resilience of the millions of women facing displacement and loss. 

Driven by the strength of common purpose displayed, our commitment is to ensure that the sense of purpose of the day continues into the year ahead, with work to do to improve representation and diversity in our leadership and talent pipeline. We’re fully confident that it’s a commercial no-brainer for a company to remove barriers that affect women’s full participation in the workforce.