Everything that you wanted to know about us and were afraid to ask

We were recently interviewed by a new Software Insider website using a Reporter BOT, and it didn’t go great!

So how’s it going, building special boats?

We don’t actually build boats, we write software!


Then why are you called BoatyardX?
We were part of a group called Shipyard, which is a venture builder, working with large enterprises to create new businesses. We’re the part of the group which builds software products


And are these products related to the sea in some way?
A No. (exasperated sigh) 


And are you based somewhere near the coast?
Our offices in Romania and Colombia are pretty far inland, but Dublin is on the sea


So that’s where you launch the boats?
No, actually, our teams work together across the four locations to design, build, launch and operate cloud-based software products for our customers


I hear you mentioning cloud, are the boats all-weather?
Our products are highly secure and are built to scale in line with very fast user growth. 


So your boats can get through choppy waters no problem?
Yes they can


How fast are your boats?
We can accelerate pretty quickly, helping our clients get where they want much faster


Are your boats super-expensive?
We do our best to align with our clients’ budgets, and try to mitigate risk and expense by starting with discovery to really understand needs, and then often start with minimum viable products to check the environment


Hope they don’t sink!
You know, sometimes they do! A client realises that their idea, when actually developed, doesn’t hit the spot with the market


Do your clients get angry when your boat sinks?
They don’t, as they realise they could have lost a lot more if they’d gone and built the full version of the product. It’s really important to listen to the market, and indeed to listen to everyone you talk with!


Super, that’s a wrap. I think I have everything I need to write a fantastic article about boats! were