Digital Mortgages Solution

Customer Success Story


BoatyardX partnered with our client, a self-funded entrepreneur with extensive experience in the US Mortgage industry, who is looking to build a new digital mortgage bank. 




North America

Key Challenges


  • Building a leading digital mortgage bank is a significant undertaking and gaining an understanding of the scale and level of investment required was one of the key focus areas.
  • The mortgage landscape in the US is crowded and building a differentiated user experience and customer proposition will be essential to success.


  • ​Using our structured people-centered design methodology we defined the product feature set, built personas, and rapidly created a prototype to help bring their vision to life.
  • Using a structured top-down capability-led method we identified the critical business capabilities and associated technology decisions.
  • Developed a high-level target architecture and a more detailed MVP architecture based on the priority capabilities required for launch.

Business Benefits

  • Gain a rapid understanding of the scale and scope of the technical enablement required to build a new digital mortgage bank.
  • Identified and answered critical technical and product questions including which aspects of the solution should be custom built vs off the shelf.
  • Provide high-level roadmap with cost and planning estimates to support strategic decision-making.

Discovery Project Overview

Over the course of a collaborative 10-week engagement, we delivered the following outcomes. 

  • Developed Solution Blueprint that included a high-level target enterprise architecture and outlines the scope of the MVP and includes recommendations for critical technology decisions, including build vs buy and technology selection analysis.
  • UI / UX – Designed a best-in-class user experience tailored to the key personas and a clickable prototype which showcases the mortgage application experience.
  • Developed a high-level roadmap to achieve the target state which will include a plan and set of estimates to achieve the initial release MVP objective including the team profile and skillsets required for Phase 1.

The Outcome

BoatyardX supported the client in understanding the scale and complexity of launching a new digital mortgage bank as well as identifying the critical product and technical decisions for MVP.  Our structured processes enabled us to develop a 10,000-foot view of the target state yet quickly focus in on the high priority and high complexity areas and deliver tangible value in a short timeframe.


BoatyardX Services

  • Discovery Services
  • Product strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • Delivery Planning