Investment Platform

BoatyardX partnered with a large US-based commercial bank, to design and build an innovative, user-centric investment platform focused on driving engagement and facilitating investment relationships.

Recruiting Platform

BoatyardX partnered with our client, a successful recruitment organisation, to develop a disruptive custom-built recruitment platform, building upon their experience using an existing off-the-shelf solution.

Dogfooding Software Releases

The dogfooding approach to testing software arose from an email sent by Microsoft Manager Paul Maritz in 1988. He advised engineers to fully test their software releases by using the solutions themselves first, effectively “eating their own dogfood”.


Customer Success Story Portnetic Portnetic teamed up with BoatyardX to design, build and launch a pioneering automobile export/import platform for trade garages, to address the post-Brexit challenges of purchasing vehicles from UK car forecourts and auction houses. INDUSTRY Automotive LOCATION Liverpool, UK Key Challenges   In January 2021, at the end of the post-Brexit transition […]


Customer Success Story CultureTech CultureTech partners with BoatyardX to create a digitized licensing marketplace for works of art – connecting IP owners with those wishing to use this IP – meeting the growing demand for content on the web and elsewhere. INDUSTRY Arts & Entertainment LOCATION New York, NY Key Challenges Licensing artwork for use […]