Buy Now Pay Later Integration

Customer Success Story

Buy Now Pay Later Integration

BoatyardX partnered with our client, a global payments company, to assess how best to integrate Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services into the Payment Gateway in order to deliver a more streamlined service to merchants.





Key Challenges


  • There are a growing number of “Buy now-Pay later” providers operating in different markets. 
  • Each provider has different features and integration requirements which adds complexity to providing an integrated solution for merchants.


  • Reduce the complexity of integrating with multiple BNPL providers by evaluating and defining the best approach to drive efficiency and scale.
  • An enhanced offering to merchants, enabling them to access the “Buy Now Pay Later” provider without the overhead of individual integrations with each BNPL provide


Business Benefits

  • Enable BNPL providers to increase market share through access to a wider pool of merchants.​
  • Enable merchants to reduce the complexity of integrating with multiple BNPL services in different markets.​
  • Reduce the integration time for onboarding new BNPL providers into the payment gateway.

Discovery Project Overview​

Over a short 8-week engagement BoatyardX worked collaboratively with the client team to complete a technical review and analysis followed by a planning exercise to deliver an agreed design and implementation plan, including build estimates, to enable the client to move directly to implementation.  


The key activities completed were:

  • An assessment of the existing design for a single BNPL provider.
  • Analysis of 5 additional BNPL providers to identify a common requirement set, this included both desktop research as well as workshops with selected providers. 
  • Development of a series of implementation options which delivered against the client’s strategic objectives taking into account existing resource capacity and development release cycles.
  • Developing a delivery plan including estimates for the selected implementation option to support senior stakeholder communication and buy-in.  

The Outcome

Through a structured process BoatyardX supported the client in developing a logical incremental approach to BNPL integration.  Our analysis which included both desktop research as well as technical deep dives with a targeted set of BNPL providers ensured the team had the necessary data points to made a reasoned and defensible decision on their approach to BNPL integration.   


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